Sport Unveiled

Rental of sports memorabilia

Sport Unveiled is the new website designed for the rental of unique and extraordinary sports memorabilia from the vast collection owned by the Memoria Sportiva Foundation.

A project developed and managed by Spherix S.r.l.s., which owns the exclusive rights pertaining to the rental of the sports memorabilia listed on this website.

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Memoria Sportiva Foundation

A story of passion

The Memoria Sportiva Foundation aims to restore, list and exhibit sports memorabilia not just relating to football but to every sport, which is represented by its champions both in Italy and abroad.

A project designed to keep the memory of unique athletes and events alive.

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An incubator of ideas

Spherix represents a dynamic and productive environment in which ideas are turned into successful products to be placed on the market. This is how we created our first patents and projects, such as biCover and iLastic.

Today, Spherix S.r.l.s. is an open-door company: we are ready to welcome creativity, enterprising spirit and research from the brilliant imagination each person has deep inside.

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